Our Approach

Leveraging shopper insights

Shopworks Science’s goal is to service our clients with all of the benefits of our extensive experience and expertise, but without forcing them to pay for the the cost overheads of a multinational agency.  Our main clients are retailers and brands, though we often work through intermediaries such as advertising, marketing or design agencies. Typically, we help our clients to better understand their markets in terms of:

  • Who? Current and potential customer profiling
  • What? Product development/selection, and channel/store design
  • Where? Modality (online/physical or hybrid), selection and optimization, and catchment area evaluation
  • How? Website and physical site format, features, functionality and service design specifications.

As appropriate, we utilise the full gamut of market and social research techniques and approaches (qualitative, quantitative and the new hybrid formats that are developing to address social media), to service clients as diverse as Snooze, St George Bank, Pandora Jewellery, Chocolatier Australia, Melbourne Airport, Regional Development Victoria and Vodafone. While we are based in Melbourne, we frequently work in all parts of Australia, and have extensive experience in Asia.

We believe that three things set ShopScience apart:

  • The Customer Journey Approach

We use our psychology backgrounds and long experience in shopper and services research to approach shopping as a cycle of often semi-automated activities that usually begins in the home with a recognition of need, progresses through a series of steps such as research, trade-off evaluation and purchase, and then finishes with the utilisation of the purchased product or service to address the original need. We believe that it is only by breaking the customers’ journey into discrete steps, and recognising that different customer segments may follow different journeys, we can better understand how multiple channels are utilised by shoppers.

  • Leveraging existing knowledge

Every one of our projects starts with a thorough review of what is already known/hypothesized about the target market from existing market research and the collective wisdom within the client and their consultants/agencies.  By clarifying and putting into an organised format .  Bu leveraging what we already know, any preconceptions and biases are exposed, and the scope of the project can often be refined or reduced thus delivering greater value for the client and usually resulting in a more successful solution for the shoppers and the retailer/brand.

  • Practical Recommendations

Many of our projects are commissioned by, or are in conjunction with, various types of retail consultants. Through our close involvement with retail designers, product development teams, advertising and digital agencies, and brand/marketing consultants, we have learned the types of insights that they need to perform their roles and are thus able to form an effective partnership to deliver the best possible end results for the end client (usually a retailer or manufacturer). Our focus upon first building upon existing knowledge means that we are constantly scanning the internet and other sources for useful insights.